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As evidence that these elements of the show remain intact, the a. Its a series that has endured a lot through the years, but still manages to be one of the most intelligent, popular animated series that are out there. But the most recent seasons have still featured some fantastic episodes that are just as good as anything from the shows classic era. Marge, enjoying being the fun parent, gives homer the wrong. Ranking the most cromulent, best simpsons episodes ever made. Twentythreeyearold lisa is engaged to her dream man. See more ideas about the simpsons, simpsons funny and funny. There are so many parodies and pop culture references that its one of the strangest, yet best, episodes. Theres also a lot of really good,funny pop culture stuff in this, like the whole. Here are ten of the best, most memorable simpsons episodes in its 30year. Foxs failed bart simpson tshirts you bet your sweet. And it also still puts out a few goodtogreat episodes every season. Grandpa simpsons seamless entrance and departure at the. Its one of the most improbably funny tv episodes ever.

Gone maggie gone is a classic example of this, where its still able to feel fresh and super funny, despite the reference text being a bit dated. Blogging about my top 15 simpsons episodes the other day got me in the mood to formulate another list about everyones favourite yellow family. The gags just dont produce the same laughs anymore. Awesome and funny photos and gifs from the simpsons. Since its debut in 1989, across 552 episodes and 25 seasons, the simpsons has become one of the most revered and beloved tv programmes of all time.

Of course, once the simpson kids discover mr burnss plot to fashion. Inexplicably, it ends up in the hands of one maggie simpson. In the episode, grampa simpson falls in love with bea simmons, another resident at the springfield retirement castle. How podcasts give classic tv shows new life radio bart. I enjoy all of the episodes in this list, but damn, they all contain some i cant believe they went there moments. The humor in classic simpsons episodes were so well timed and clever.

Top ten reasons why classic episodes of the simpsons are. Longevity can be cruel to a tv show, but it hasnt eroded the core of the simpsons. As it enters its fourth decade, its time to take a look back at the best simpsons episodes to ever grace our screens. The top ten reasons why classic episodes of the simpsons are the best. The 29 alltime greatest simpsons episodes ever, in order. We asked experts for 10 of their most memorable simpsons episodes of all time. This is definitely the greatest episode of the simpsons. Event episodes can be funthe treehouse of horror episodes have certainly provided some of the most memorable simpsons moments of all time. Although the humor has admittedly changed over the years and subsequent. The simpsons is one of the best shows ever, and this is the best episode. The episode is a fun metacommentary on cartoons as well as. Like any show thats gone on for decades, though, its understandable if someone fell off the show after a point. The show is set in the fictional town of springfield and parodies american culture, society and television.

The 10 best episodes of the simpsons, ranked the independent. Its a scary, outstanding simpsons halloween episodeno. Where there was once 22 minutes of tightlypacked topnotch humour, now we have endless streams of hit and miss jokes, with lots of waiting inbetween. The old episodes used to and still do make me and my friends laugh out loud for 22 minutes solid, whereas the new episodes rarely make us smirk. So today i will be continuing what i starting on my old second channel, by showing you different simpsons clips. Experts pick the 10 best simpsons episodes of all time time. Seeing bart descend into madness was funny, but the episode. This time, ill be looking at the episodes that troubled me, psychologically. The best future episode of the simpsons, and one of the best of the show in general, does pretty much everything right.

The 15 best episodes of the simpsons ever, ranked screenrant. The simpsons bestfunniest moments season 01 youtube. The simpsons actually does hold up in its current form, no matter what its innumerable detractors try to say otherwise. I think this is something that we can all agree on. The iconic show has attracted millions of fans and even praise from critics. The simpsons learn from simon himself, while bart learns from mr. It is a satirical depiction of a dysfunctional middleclass american lifestyle starring the eponymous family. Interestingly, though, if you take a look at my simpsons dvd collection, it ends rather abruptly at season 8. Top ten reasons why classic episodes of the simpsons are the best. In this episode, grampa meets beatrice simmons the voice was done by audrey meadows and they fall in love. Bart is then taken on a ski trip, where hes pushed down a double black diamond trail by simons siblings devan, the brother, then mentions splitting the money. See more ideas about cartoon, spanking art and girl spanked. Theres plenty of fun to be had throughout the episode poking fun at german. Old money is the seventeenth episode of the simpsons second season.

Danny devito created a wonderful character in herb simpson, and homers. The simpsons is an american adult animated sitcom created by matt groening for the fox broadcasting company. The 25 best simpsons episodes you should choochoochoose. Club presents these 10 episodes chosen from seasons 17. Here is a ranking of the top ten simpsons episodes.

The simpsons classic funny moments part 1 duration. The simpsons is one of those shows that feels like it will be around forever. Hardly a coincidence, the quality of humor following season 8 began trending downward. Lets run through the 5 classic simpsons episodes any new fan needs to check out and any old fan should revisit. Burns who reveals that all of his older siblings were killed off by the others, many of which by poisoned potatoes. The simpsons is an american animated television sitcom created by matt groening for the fox broadcasting company. Anyone who had access to a tv in the 1990s surely has 10 or more years worth of simpsons quotes, characters and episodes burned into their brain like a screensaver you may not be able to quote. Looking to revisit a few classic simpsons episodes while. This episode explores what happens when reality or something like it bumps up agains the simpsons fantasy. Who said the simpsons needs to tickle your funny bone to create a great episode.

The rthesimpsons subreddit is fan base of redditors who love the simpsons. The simpsons has been on the air for over thirty years, churning out some of the most iconic pieces of american television comedy ever. Whether the episodes focus on the gluttonous eating habits of homer simpson, the shows antipaterfamilias. However, there have been episodes that have gone off the deep end or just didnt make an appeal to fans eye. Funny quotes and scenes from the simpsons episodes over the years. Theyre funny, heartfelt, funny, shocking, and well, yes, just plain funny. See more ideas about simpsons characters, the simpsons and simpsons art. So, why are the simpsons not as funny as they used to be. Through the powers of a futuretelling casino manager, bart is transported to the year 2030.

Chris turner, another journalist and author of planet simpson. Top simpsons episodes mr plow, hank scorpio, number one, sideshow bob. And a great simpsons episode can set out to accomplish a lot of different things, from broad, outrageous physical premises springfield gets a faulty monorail, sideshow bob hijacks a nuke, to surprisingly emotional character comedy grandpa loses. Bart, the evermischievous son and most popular character. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Set in the town of springfield, the show lampoons both american culture and the human condition. Its dialogue and jokes have seamlessly become interwoven into the fabric of society at this point.

He is a failed musician living with ralph wiggum, while homer and marge are still back in springfield eating soylent green which, by the way, is made of humans. Videogames in tv 1990 simpsons s01e06 boxing game duration. Video brilliantly explains why the simpsons isnt funny. But choosing the 20 best episodes of the simpsons is difficult. There are many memorable episodes of the simpsons that have aired. When it first aired 30 years ago, the simpsons was groundbreaking tv. Seasons rankings best to worst 5 you only move twice season 8, 1996.

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