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Rowling reveals secret about snape that she told alan. Alan rickman was a beautiful, amazing, inspirational person and it truly breaks my heart to have heard about his death. No offense to any rickman fans, but rickman always looked bored in the role which is why i dont like his portrayal. Read alan rickman s heartfelt goodbye to harry potter josh tyler my perspective on the harry potter franchise is almost wholly unique, in that i seem to be the last person on planet earth who hasn. This always was most likely in reference to snape loving lilly, showing that rowling had planned snapes story out by book 3, when hiring rickman. Some interesting facts you may not have known about. Alan sidney patrick rickman 21 february 1946 14 january 2016 was an english actor and director. As the world aches, the tributes pour in, remembering the times that he lit up the screen with his cinematic brilliance over his nearly 40year career. Alan rickman was perfect casting for harry potters severus snape, and the way he nailed these mannerisms from the book showcases that. Rowling once shared one tiny, little, left of field piece of information that helped him realize there was more to the sneering hogwarts potions master than harry or anyone else might have known.

Rickman s snape just came off as boring, cold and calculating to me. When alan rickman first started playing the sneering potions master severus snape in the harry potter films, j. Apologies, but i completely disagree with this idea. Alan rickman wrote a heartfelt farewell letter to harry. Read alan rickmans heartfelt goodbye to harry potter. Rickman embodied the complex antihero in the film adaptations of jk rowlings wizarding books, and in the process, contributed to the growing numbers of fans who saw snape as. Harry potter severus snape, severus rogue, alan rickman severus snape, harry potter professors, harry potter characters, slytherin, hogwarts, snape always, snape and lily millieanouk harry potter severus snape alan rickman severus snape harry potter magic harry potter fan art harry potter characters harry potter universal harry potter world. Why does everyone love alan rickmans snape, when he does. Alan rickman was perfect casting for harry potters severus snape, and the way he nailed these mannerisms from the book showcases that point.

At first i thought he may be a middle eastern, egyptian or indian exchange student. Rickman famously played the surly teacher in the film franchise based on rowlings books. Snape is described as a thin man with sallow skin, a large, hooked nose, and yellow, uneven teeth. His rage was removed, his movements careful and studied. Alan rickman answers question re jk rowlings new books. Its a heartbreaking scene that practically all harry potter fans can cite from memory, but after the news of rickman s passing, its even more poignant. Rowlings alan rickman harry potter story will make you feel. I would urge anyone who is a fan of alan rickman s to avoid it like the plague its an utter disgrace and it doesnt even have any solid believable facts in it. Alan rickman as professor severus snape in harry potter and the.

Rowling gave the late actor alan rickman a hint about the complex character. Rickman trained at the royal academy of dramatic art in london and became a member of the royal shakespeare company rsc, performing in modern and classical theatre productions. Rowling reveals the secret she told alan rickman about playing severus snape this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Severus snape and alan rickman pix rip both alan and severus please scroll down for pix i wondered who the halfblood prince was at first. Alan refers to rima as my wife in response to a question about jk rowlings new books. Credits to the owners of the resources i used for my book cover another year at hogwarts. Rima thinks theyre terrific but he hasnt read them. New revelations about alan rickman s commitment to doing right by the antihero of our childhoods will have snape fans everywhere saying a solemn, always. The secret fact jk rowling told alan rickman about snape to. Sadly, he passed away in 2016, after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. Inspired designs on tshirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world.

Jk rowling stuns harry potter fans by revealing she let alan rickman in on snape s biggest secret that he was in love with harrys mother. Rowling posted a tribute to alan rickman, aka severus. While rickman is probably best known and most widely beloved as snape. Apparently alan rickman had very snapelike frustrations with harry. I wanted to know why he was the way he was from the beginning of reading the stories. Alan rickman is the most powerful and sexiest character actor to emerge from britain in the last decade. Back in 2011, alan rickman vaguely revealed that j. What is the harry potter always story all about in brief.

Top 15 things alan rickman said about severus snape duration. In book 7 of the harry potter series, as snape is nearing his death, he asks harry. That means that as far as readers knew, snape was every inch the villain and the embodiment of any childs worst teaching nightmare. Rip alan rickman, youll always be the perfect potions master. The story is certainly enough to get fans all in our feels again about the memory of alan rickman and the iconic severus snape. Alan rickmans snape is very, very different from that. Rickman embodied the complex antihero in the film adaptations of jk rowlings wizarding books, and in the process, contributed to the growing numbers of fans who saw snape as a symbol of sympathy. Share alan rickman quotations about snape, films and character.

How is the book version of severus snape different than. What are the differences between movie snapes and book. Alan rickman wanted snape to be more complicated in. Rowling wrote and released the last book in the harry potter series, harry potter and the deathly hallows, she called alan rickman the actor who played professor snape and revealed the twist that the generally antagonistic snape turns out to have some good in him. Jk rowling reveals emotional reaction to seeing snape for. Rowling just posted an emotional tribute to alan rickman, who played severus snape for eight films. A few days after rickman s death in 2016, rowling said, through twitter, what was the secret he entrusted to alan rickman to understand the character. Snape, who always seemed to hate harry and be allied to voldemort, was not revealed be a doubleagent to readers until the final book, harry potter and the deathly hallows. Rowling reveals secret about snape that she told alan rickman.

I loved this book and i would recommend it to all alan rickman. Snape in the books was way more intelligent, nastier, mean spirted, and less sympathetic, but i sympathized with him much more than movie snape. Rowling revealed on twitter what she had told rickman. This is a fansite created by long time fans of alan rickman. The debate over whether harry potter character severus snape was loyal to dumbledore or voldermort has raged on for years, but bookseries author j. Severus snape and alan rickman always harry potter. Harry potter author jk rowling has revealed that she had a deeply emotional reaction to seeing professor snape in live action for the first time since alan rickman s death. At the time that rickman was preparing for the first film, rowling had only completed the first few books in the series, and snape still appeared to be a loathsome antagonist. It wasnt until alan rickman became the role that i began nurturing this passion for the character of severus snape. Rowling shares which harry potter secret she told alan. However, rickman revealed to hitfix in 2011, she gave me one tiny, little.

He was a very talented actor, director, and writer famous on stage and screen since. Rowling told alan rickman a secret about snape, she. For me, i was always interested in the character of severus snape. Alan rickman always snape always snape harry potter alan rickman movies miss u so much severus rogue alan rickman severus snape helena bonham carter great smiles what others are saying february 2010 alan rickman at the london, england premiere of alice in wonderland. Ive just spent the past 30 minute writing this, wanting to do a sort of tribute, no matter how small. K rowling just revealed what she once told the late alan rickman about his harry potter character, severus snape. But he did not play the same character that was on the page. As alan rickman finished his work on harry potter movies, he revealed author j. Rowling reveals the major clue she told alan rickman. Clym yeobright who has returned to the area to become a schoolmaster seems to offer everything she dreams of. Having established himself as a major classical stage actor rickman transferred to the hollywood screen with a glint in his eye and a sly smile. Rowling gave helpful informations, like i see in his voice for example.

Harry potter actor alan rickman s death has brought about the meaning and story behind always. But i think, she has not given away too much of snape. Alan rickman, who portrayed severus snape in the harry potter films, passed away at the age of 69. The recent death of respected british actor alan rickman took many of us by surprise, and. Alan rickman wanted snape to be more complicated in harry potter. He will always be remembered with fond memories by me and in my heart he will always be professer severus snape, potions master at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. What does snape mean by his famous quote among potterheads. Rowling reveals the secret information she told alan rickman about snape. Alan rickman as severus snape in harry potter and the halfblood prince. Harry potter star alan rickman expressed frustrations over.

I think alan rickman was a joy to watch as snape smooth, and cold, and deadly in his calculations. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Alan rickman died at the age of 69 on thursday, after battling cancer. Hes usually dressed in flowing black robes which made him resemble an overgrown bat. Jk rowling let alan rickman know snape was in love with. She explained to him what the word always meant, with this revelation the actor managed to film knowing about snape s great love.

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