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Statalist reshape long and variables not being found. To use the reshape command, the variables have to start with the same prefix. This handson tutorial shows how to reshape data from wide to longitudinal format in stata. When stata does not recognize text from numbers go to data editor and delete observation 1. If you need to modify the structure of your data, you should surely be familiar with reshape and its two functions.

The stata reshape command can convert the data files between these two formats. Stata news, code tips and tricks, questions, and discussion. Stata solution to reshape factset data researchfinancial. This tool allows you to transpose your column headers so that they now become rows horizontal to vertical. This leads to difficulttoread nested functions andor choppy code. You can either highlight a bunch of headers and transpose them using the advanced settings or you can select a single cell at the top of your list in row 2, click the reshape data tool, click ok and tada. The most common examples at the sscc are individuals living in a household and a subject being observed multiple times, but there are many other applications. In stata reshaping data usually works fine but may sometimes not work very well.

This naming scheme tells stata that theyre different observations of the same variable. Reshaping your data with tidyr uc business analytics r. Stata s datamanagement commands give you complete control of all types of data. Notice that the order of variables in varying is like x. After that you specify the word kernel that the multiple columns we want to reshape have in common.

Each unique variable should have a column, as well as corresponding columns of value, error, and unit, for each. Common examples of reshaping data are shown, but they do not exhaustively demonstrate the different kinds of data reshaping that you could encounter. Although many fundamental data processing functions exist in r, they have been a bit convoluted to date and have lacked consistent coding and the ability to easily flow together. To reshape a wide data set long, you have to specify reshape long. How can i reshape without a unique j variable in stata. You can work with byte, integer, long, float, double, and string variables. R studio is driving a lot of new packages to collate data management tasks and better integrate them with other. At a glance, i would guess that order personid a b c will arrange your vars as desired. Thus the variable names inc60, inc70, inc80, and inc90 all share the stubname inc. This video introduces the reshape command in stata. Reshaping multiple variables in one dataset using stata. Here i am using the posted subset of your data, where you have time variables 1, 2, and 43.

R language reshape from long to wide format with spread. The basic command reshape is followed by which direction long or wide you want to reshape the data. I have multiple variables within the dataset that i would like to do this for. It also allows an arbitrary number of grouping by variables i and keys j. In the results table, time is omitted due to collinearity and my rsquared figure is only 0. Reshaping data wide to long stata learning modules. Hi, kit your procedure for my reshape problem works almost perfect, the thing is that my descriptor usually is a very long string such as total factor productivity and when i do. This data layout is called wide data, but you want your data to be long. The long format uses multiple rows for each observation or participant. In two previous posts i showed examples on how to reshape data from wide to long format.

Click here to download these lines of data to play with. Below, is the data displayed in the longest possible format it will download in. These variables may also be present in wide format. Reshaping data in stata wide to long and long to wide. Both post were about datastream, but one was about regular downloads and one about large datasets. Now we can go ahead and reshape the data from wide to long with id as the subject identifier. For a data set in wide format such as the one below, we can reshape it into long format using proc transpose. This module illustrates the power and simplicity of stata in its ability to reshape data files. Reshaping data from wide to long university of virginia. Im running into some issues while trying to reshape a data set from long to wide. I then create an interaction variable between the two. Reshaping data long to wide in versions 11 and up spss.

In some cases, there is more than one way to reshape the data. Each variable has a different number of iterations, that is, one variable has four iterations, the variable has 7 iterations and so on. The following example is taken from d reshape the official stata data management manual and involves multiple levels of sorting variables. A key point is that in reshaping from wide to long, reshape expects to find one or more groups of variables so that names in each group all begin with the same stubname. This variable annotation allows us to separate the face variable into two. The syntax diagram for the command in the manual and in the online help gives patterns for the socalled basic.

When going from wide to long, there are some labels which are not defined. Hello, my data set is compose of adolescents and their parents and is currently in wide format. Reshape in r from wide to long and from long to wide. A long format dataset also needs a time variable identifying which time point each record comes from and an id variable showing which records refer to the same. The egen command is very helpful many more functions are available, see help egen. Multiple regression an extension of simple linear regression is used to predict the value of a dependent variable also known as an outcome variable based on the value of two or more independent variables also known as predictor variables. There are separate columns for each year, but you actually want the year to be a variable of its own. One of the key data management tools stata provides is reshape d reshape. If more than one record matches, the first will be taken with a warning.

In this article, i present a new command, precombine, that alerts the user to, and provides assurance concerning, some problems that can occur when multiple stata datasets are merged and appended. It also allows an arbitrary number of grouping by variables. An example of reshape long with stata1 stata has reshape long and reshape wide commands that make it pretty easy to modify files from wide to long, and back. The command is useful when needing to change a dataset from wide format to long format. How can i reshape doubly or triply wide data to long. The following example data contains two participants measured on two outcome variables weight and calories, under three different time points.

How to perform a multiple regression analysis in stata. Description of basic syntax wide and long data forms avoiding and correcting mistakes reshape long and reshape wide without arguments missing variables advanced issues with basic syntax. As described in the benchmarks section below, wideto long reshapes are between 2 and 15 times. If you are downloading more than one series, however, you will still need to reshape the data a bit to get separate columns for each series. As part of the reshape command we create a variable called seq which will be the sequence identifier for the nine observations within each subject. Stata module to reshape while preserving variable labels reshape8 improves reshape by preserving variable labels as much as possible when switching back and forth. The option string says that the j variable is a string variable. Note that another column has been added to show the year. Useful stata commands for longitudinal data analysis. For this example, the variables for each case, are as follows. These show common examples of reshaping data, but do not exhaustively demonstrate the different kinds of data reshaping that you could encounter. Reshaping data sets from wide to long and from long to wide in stata. Although the builtin reshape procedure in stata is invaluable for working with panel data, it is known to perform poorly on large datasets see this benchmark and this discussion.

The reshape command can be used to reshape from wide to long or long to wide. We can also use reshape to manipulate small segments of the data that are panellike. Names of one or more variables in long format that identify multiple records from the same groupindividual. Stata requires the variables over which we perform the reshape command to be numbers rather than string. In some cases, you may have to apply reshape twice to solve a particularly knotty data management. The issue is that i have two variables, but they arent both in the wide format. How to use the stata merge and reshape commands most of the projects done in 17. These examples take wide data files and reshape them into long form. Converting a dataset from wide to long i recently had to convert a dataset that i was working with from a wide format to a long format for my analysis. From the first output of proc print, we see that the data now is in long format except that we dont have a numeric variable indicating year. Hence, taking a dataset from long to wide and back to long will result in getting the same dataset labelling back again. Mar, 2015 the first loop tells stata to use the datasets stored in the local macro and to reshape the selected outcomes from wide to long and then go back to wide. The stata reshape command apparently relies on this naming. You will need to use the, string option when reshaping.

Then, after having ordered alphabetically the variables thanks to aorder, it is asked to the software to create two new variables for each outcome included in the local macro and to generate. Multiple regression analysis using stata introduction. In order to do this, you will use the reshape command, specifying that youre reshaping to the long format. How to reshape data wide to long using proc transpose. If you supply neither, melt will assume factor and character variables are id variables, and all others are. In addition, we are often interested in combining multiple observations. The syntax is reshape long wide stubname, ii jj where the stubname is the stub of your variables in this case, it is cond, i is the id variable and j is the new variable youll create or the existing variable if reshaping. We could melt and cast with reshape2 to reshape from wide to long format, but is there a way to reshape using even less code. Hello everybody, i need to reshape wide data to long. Jan 18, 2016 reshape the data long so that r and stata form their own columns and can be sorted by year hint. Observations with information on the same variables are stored. The default download settings indicate missing values with two periods, like so. These examples take long data files and reshape them into wide form.

Hierarchical data is any kind of data where observations fall into groups or clusters. Further, all variables not specified in the reshape are assumed to be part of by and the. If your variables were, for instance, hap1, happy2 and hap3, you would rename happy2 hap2 and then proceed. Reed college stata help reshaping your data in stata. This learning module illustrates how to reshape data files in spss versions 11 and up. These show common examples of reshaping data but do not exhaustively demonstrate the different kinds of data reshaping that you. You need to tell melt which of your variables are id variables, and which are measured variables. I struggled with this a bit, but finally found the right sources and the right package to do it, so i thought id share my practical example of reshaping data in r. Id like to reshape a long format data file to wide.

Stata s reshape command makes it easy to transform your data from either long to wide format or from wide to long. Reshaping data long to wide stata learning modules. I already tried doing making a j variable and reshaping, using the following code. Luckily for us, hadley wickham has created the easy to use tidyr. We are starting with the worksheet initial download. These show common examples of reshaping data, but do not exhaustively demonstrate the different kinds of data reshaping that you could enco. Mar 04, 2014 this video introduces the reshape command in stata. In long format there will be multiple records for each individual, with some variables being constant across these records and others varying across the records. Reshape from long to wide format with spread reshape from wide to long format with gather reshaping data between long and wide forms. These show common examples of reshaping data, but do not exhaustively demonstrate the different kinds of data reshaping. As an example, consider the data below presented in both formats the data itself is identical, but organized in a different way. But stata records missing values as a single period. Many do not realize that the world bank databank has advanced download options that let you select the long format from the beginning.

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