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Curtisss success at racing strengthened his reputation as a leading maker of. Glenn curtiss interesting stories about famous people. Glenn curtiss a look back at the elon musk and steve. Leary wrote in american national biography, curtiss stands in the. This was the first longdistance citytocity flight between albany, ny and new york city. Born in 1878 in hammondsport, new york, curtiss was a contemporary of the wright brothers. Glenn curtiss was a remarkable man for his contributions to motorsports and aviation. Although glenn curtiss was not the first to fly, one cannot deny his critical role in the early days of flight.

Bobby unser, unser, bobby 1934 american race car driver bobby unser. Curtiss on the cover of time magazine on october, 1924. Born on may 21, 1878 birth in hammondsport, new york. Glenn hammond curtiss, pioneer aviator and leading american manufacturer of aircraft by the time of the united statess entry into world war i. Glenn hammond curtiss was an american aviation and motorcycling pioneer, and a founder of the u. He began his career as a bicycle racer and builder before moving on to motorcycles. Glenn hammond curtiss the american aviation pioneer glenn hammond curtiss. Glenn hammond curtiss american engineer britannica. Glenn curtiss 1907 from contact the story of the early birds by henry serrano villard. Cmi, a floridaregistered 501c3 allvolunteer organization, was established in 1998 to preserve the home and legacy of legendary hero glenn hammond curtiss, a designated site on the national register of historic places our mission is to restore and operate the home and gardens of glenn hammond curtiss, visionary aviator.

The life and times of glenn hammond curtiss by david langley glenn h. In 1929, curtisswright was formed by the merger of companies founded by glenn curtiss, the father of naval aviation, and the wright brothers, renowned for. Glenn hammond curtiss was a world famous aviation pioneer before becoming a land developer in south florida. Glenn hammond curtiss may 21, 1878 july 23, 1930 was an american aviation and. Easter sunday, thanksgiving day, christmas eve, christmas day and new years day. Author peter joffre nyes latest work is his biography of albert champion, the. Despite all you read about early car speed records, trains actually held the land speed record until 1907. Curtiss was young when his father, frank, a harness maker, died.

Glenn curtiss was born on may 21, 1878 in hammondsport, new york, usa as glen hammond curtiss. In 1908, he became involved in the aerial experiment association aea, a group founded by alexander graham bell. That all changed when glen curtiss built and rode a v8 motorcycle to a land speed record. Like them, he was interested in bicycles as a young man, and opened a bicycle repair shop in 1900. Curtiss was a noted motorcycle builder and racer, who built and produced engines for airships as early as 1906. Curtiss made the first officially witnessed flight in no. Dedicated to the accomplishments of pioneer aviator and father of naval aviation, glenn curtiss. Sikorsky memorial airport, named for the russianamerican aviation pioneer. Glenn curtiss flying the june bug on july 1908 photo courtesy library of congress. Curtiss began his career in the bicycle business, earning fame as one of the leading cycle racers in western new york state. Glenn hammond curtiss may 21, 1878 july 23, 1930 was an american aviation pioneer and founder of the curtiss aeroplane and motor company, now part of curtisswright corporation.

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